Get more leads and sales from your website

Create a lead generation chatbot for your business in a visual builder in 10 minutes without code

Automate website communication

Get more clients from the traffic you already have
Nowadays it’s not enough just to have a website. You need to convert clicks into leads and then into buyers. GoodPromo helps to get more regular leads and sales from your website without additional marketing investment.
Increases the leads from your website
Interactivity and personalization will involve your website visitors more
Reduces the cost of client capture
Get more clients from your ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram with the same investments
Helps to close more deals
Increase your deals speed and conversion rate by offering your clients right what they need
Easily personalize your website for your future buyers
GoodPromo is a smart business chatbot. It helps to ask your potential clients what they want and then to give them personalized suggestions. And it works 100% automated, 24/7
How to make your clients happy
GoodPromo turns your visitors into buyers through a game-like interactive communication. It identifies the needs of your potential clients and as a result offers them the best solution
You create a chatbot and use it on your website
It's very easy to create a chatbot and it's for free. We made sure the visual designer to be simple and convenient
Your website visitors interact with chatbot
Your website becomes even more friendly and personalized for your potential clients, the chatbot works automatically 24/7
You get more leads and successful deals
You get more leads and your potential client needs are already identified. So you can successfully close more deals
More leads, sales and happy clients – that's what GoodPromo for:
GoodPromo is a new business marketing tool which helps to attract those clients who are still thinking or not ready to buy right now.

One GoodPromo service:
• Lets to make your future clients personalized offers right on the website
• Helps to sell your product or service more easily - you receive efficient leads with each potential client identified needs
• Saves you time and automates the sales process, with no need to add a real person to the chat
• Works and generates clients 24/7, even when you sleep
Our mission is to make website personalizing technology open to everyone
Integration with online services
Receive instant request notifications to your e-mail, Telegram, CRM system, or any other service through Webhooks, track conversions and analytics
Start to convert more visitors to buyers
Create personalized offers for your prospective clients right on your website and get sales 24/7
For small and medium businesses in service trades
Get more leads for your services, sell easier, faster and make happy clients
For manufacturers and niche eCommerces
Help your prospective clients to buy from you the products and goods they need right now
For marketers, freelancers and agencies
Generate more leads and sales for your agency and for your clients' businesses