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Специалист компании GoodPromo свяжется с вами в ближайшее время и ответит на ваши вопросы!
Do you have specific questions that you want to get comprehensive and constructive answers? Then the format of consultation / personal work for you
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My clients have already achieved such
indicators after consultation:

  • 4 times sales increase from the launch of a new profitable business
  • Increase the conversion of the website to the leads by 20% (with traffic of 50,000 people / month)
  • The increase in the average check from $100 to $450 for 1 hour
  • Reduction in the period for customers to make a decision from 2 weeks to 2 days
What requests to me are most often addressed:
  • Recommendations for launching a new project online
  • Website or landing page audit and recommendations for increasing its conversion and sales via the Internet
  • Advice on launching a conversion landing page
  • Search for cost-effective advertising channels for online business promotion
  • Development of an incredible offer (a unique sales offer) and adjustment from competitors
  • Filling a product / service with such a value to sell 2-10 times more expensive than competitors
  • Recommendations building a sales funnels, lead magnet, email-marketing campaign to work with your customer base
  • Automation of sales, implementation of a CRM system
  • The model "specialization" – how to get an expert status, separate from competitors and get customers and sales
  • Identifying errors in your current sales funnel (the process of attracting customers and bringing to purchase) with recommendations to increase profits
  • Run your personal blog on Instagram, YouTube to get an expert status and get sales
  • Make a profitable roadmap for your business for the next 3-6 months
As a result of the consultation you receive:
  • Clear understanding of the sequential steps required to resolve your issue.
  • Video recording of an online meeting via Google Hangouts
What are the formats of my personal work on your business?
2-hour individual consultation with the analysis of your business on Google Hangout (you will have a record) and the preparation of a roadmap with specific recommendations for implementation

  • Analysis of your current sales situation with the formation of new results hypotheses
  • We develop your lethal offer (a unique selling proposition) for detuning from competitors
  • Audit your conversion website / landing page (if any) and compile a list of improvements to increase its conversion or recommendations for creating a new conversion landing page for your project
  • Identify your strengths, articulate the meanings and added value of your product / service / solution
  • Answers to your questions on the subject or on other life issues in general
What do you get as a result:
You get a roadmap for a cost-effective way to attract customers to your business via the Internet and understand how to customize your sales to fit your business model.

Duration - 2 hours
The cost of strategic consultation is $200
«Can we personally working on my business all day long?»
Extinguish the «fires» for 1 consulting day
Yes, we can work in a crisis-resulting format:
I come to your office and spend the whole day working with you (and your team) to optimize the current sales model (sales funnels) and make a roadmap with concrete steps that will bring profit for your business that you can follow for the next 3 6 months.

What can you manage to do with me in 1 day?
You can do a lot with me - for example, to find out how to earn additional $ 10,000 in your business, or finally start to implement and improve what you have delayed so long ago - elements of your sales system, business automation, sales automation, car sales curers, new strategies to attract traffic , increase the conversion in lead and in payment, introduce an expensive product and increase profits

8-hour consulting day with a deep analysis and solution of your business problems online or at a live meeting in person in Kiev

  1. Elaboration of a strategic development plan (express diagnostics, finding bottlenecks, finding possible points of rapid growth and developing a strategy for breaking through the "glass ceiling")
  2. Development of key competencies and strengths of the business / product / service and their packaging in a strong offer
  3. Elaboration of the sales system (offer, sales funnel, email chain, launch strategies, development of instagram and youtube-channel for business, sales through video, closing of objections, ideal clients, large checks)
  4. Detuning from competitors. Development of competitive advantages. Development of key success factors and core competencies.
  5. Answers to your questions on the subject or on other life issues in general
Cost $800
If you are not in Kiev, Ukraine – flight and accommodation are paid separately
Or we can spend a full 8-hour online consulting day

What are the options for long-term work on your business with me personally?
The main option is my personal support in achieving your business and personal goals.

Individual work on your business with me personally, as a result of which we strengthen your business, retire from competitors, introduce innovations in your product / service and work on achieving your goals under my personal guidance

At the start, we make a plan to achieve your goal and proceed to its implementation.

How we will work:
  • We define a profitable business model, growth points and work on their rapid implementation.
  • Weekly online meetings for 2 hours, during which we work fruitfully to develop your project
  • Each meeting I give specific tasks that should be implemented in the project, according to the drawn up strategy
  • The opportunity at any time to call me or write an email / messenger and guaranteed to get an answer in case of a question on the subject or on other life issues in general
  • Contact professionals, contractors to enhance your marketing
Meetings occur every week for 2 hours + chat via instant messenger, if necessary.
2 months of individual work: $2000
Over the past 5 years of work in GoodPromo implemented more than 200 projects:
Since 2015, GoodPromo official certified partner:
We became the first specialized agency in Ukraine for the development of the Landing Page (selling websites), which received the status of Google partner
We organized and held the first conference in Ukraine on amoCRM
I speak at the first conference of Business Youth Ukraine with the theme: «Landing Page and launch of sales via the Internet»
I speak to speakers on the «Real Google AdWords» course from Business Youth Ukraine
We launched projects for such companies:
Facts about me
Alexander Gural, 28 years old, entrepreneur, internet marketer , founder of the marketing agency GoodPromo

I help experts and entrepreneurs to unpack their own expertise and increase revenue. I build the system, automation, traffic and sales

Specialization: Increased sales for services businesses, B2B, SaaS, IT businesses, high margin products / services / solutions, large checks, 1-on-1 sales, expert sales, complex products with a long transaction cycle, consulting

Experience in numbers:
  • 10+ years in internet marketing
  • Over 200 completed running projects
  • Record conversion 68% of the website visitor to the sale
  • 25 000 000 people brought to the websites of our clients
  • 2 500+ consultations of businessmen from various business of activity on detuning from competitors and occupying a leading position in the market on the Internet
+38 (063) 101-71-77
or write in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
email: hello@goodpromo.me
+38 (063) 101-71-77
or write in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
эл.почта: hello@goodpromo.me
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Аудит вашего текущего сайта или лендинга
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